Wagenfelder Spinning Group

Quality, creativity and innovation

These are the three distinguishing features of our threads and yarns as well as important guidelines that we have continually followed throughout the history of our enterprise. From the very beginning, quality has been the first priority at the Wagenfelder Spinning Group.

Spinning process

carded yarn, semi-worsted yarn, worsted yarn, oe yarn, compact yarn, fancy yarn, sirospun (compact / elastic / solid), hand knitting yarn, flammengarn, core yarn, airjet yarn, vortex yarn, weaving yarn, knitting yarn, chenille yarn, bouclegarn, twists, fancy yarns , combination twists, ondes, double twists, multiple twists, cordonettes


carpet, upholstery, decoration, curtain, home textile, apparel, automotive, transport fabric, filter cloth, cleaning cloths, mops, rope, cable industry, technical articles, stockings

Fancy yarns

tweed, pimples, shantung, noil, graver, flames, jasper, ondes, moulinés, bicolor

Natural fibers

wool, cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, ramie, silk, alpaca, mohair, edelhaare


polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, polypropylene, nylon, modacrylic, canecaron, viscose, Trevira CS, Lenzing FR, aramid, Bekinox, glass filament, copper filament

Technical Fibers

nomex, para aramid, meta aramid, kynol fiber, pps, pvc, carbon, homopolymer, antibacterial fibers, Yantai, meltfiber, Bekinox